Efe sings for You !  


Birthday or wedding - anniversary celebration or Party - privat or business event - with Efe it's gonna be a success.  

Her enchantress voice and her charisma will delight you ! 

You can benefit of her long lasting career as a singer and of her vocal reportoire.  


Something about her life


Efe was born 1972 in Lagos / Nigeria. She was not even 9 years old when she started to sing in church choirs. Soon her voice became well known and was in great demand even outside of churches. Already as a young women she was a popular singer in the best places of Lagos and Abuja. She had her shows in the most exclusive hotels of the country, and she was the attraction for an international audience. For the events of many international companies she was much asked as a versatile artist.  

2009 she moved to Berlin. Pretty fast she sang in well known Jazz and Blues places together with well known musicans of the Jazz scence.

Since October 2011 Efe is living in Zweibrücken.  


                        She lives to sing


Efe loves musik in any kind. She has the endowment to sing Jazz or Rock, Blues or Reggae in a compelling presentation. You can feel her deep religiosity when she sings the Gospel songs with her incomparable voice. All her enjoyment of  life she transfers to the audience when she brings up the african rhythms of  her homeland Nigeria.



  Contact her

Please feel free to contact her for any questions regarding dates and terms of shows. Efe will love to answer you soon. Please only in written form.  

Thank you very much ! 


Efe May

Am Silberberg 7a

66482 Zweibrücken

E-mail: efe-sings4u@t-online.de